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Bekanntgabe 13.01.2015 - Hello Nature

Auslober / Organizer

Combo Competitions, London


Wettbewerbsart / Type of competition

Internationaler Ideenwettbewerb


Wettbewerbsaufgabe / Competition assignment

The aim of the comeptition was to find a way of re-introducing nature into people’s consciousness.

But rather than by focusing on the negatives, it should
be about highlighting the positive aspects of the environment to awaken
people’s curiosity and interest.

The goal is to design a structure that celebrates nature.

The proposal must involve both education and recreation, or - if you prefer -
business and pleasure.

How can architecture encourage involvement with nature? Is it possible to
achieve a synergy effect by fusing man-made design with nature? Can a
structure generate interest even for someone not visiting the site? Could the
concept itself motivate people to experience nature?

Education can be anything between a basic bird-watching tower and an
elaborate science research center that monitors land-rise after the ice age.

Recreation can be anything from a modest wind shelter or an art installation to
a luxurious hotel: something that enhances the experience when visiting the

The site is located on Omne Mountain (Omneberget) in the north of Sweden. It
sits within a coastal area called the High Coast (Höga Kusten), a UNESCO
World Heritage Site. The High Coast is one of less than 200 Natural Heritage
Sites worldwide, unique because of its beautiful landscape, created by the
impact of the latest ice age.

Since the ice started melting some 10,000 to 24,000 years ago, the landscape
is continuously rising from the sea as a reaction to having been weighed down
by then-prevailing ice sheet. Today it is an important area for understanding
post-glacial rebound.


Termine / Schedule

Laufzeit des Wettbewerbs 01.09. - 30.11.2014

Bekanntgabe Ergebnis 13.01.2015


1. Preis / 1st Prize
Nicolay Boyadjiev · Don Toromanoff
2. Preis / 2nd Prize
Anrdás Dankházi
3. Preis / 3rd Prize
Johan Meisel
Anerkennung / Honorable Mention
Severino Iritano · Daniele Bonetti
Anerkennung / Honorable Mention
Silvia Marcialis · Alessndra Mattacchione
Anerkennung / Honorable Mention
Mikael Westin